Thursday, October 20, 2011

Logo Design Process : Jdot Handcrafted

When small business owner Joleen Locanas contacted me to help her create a logo for her upcoming company "jdot handcrafted" (jay-dot hand crafted), I was happy to help. I thought I would share the experience as an example of the logo design process.

1. Research

I had some follow up questions for Joleen in regards to her company. Here's are some of the notes I received from the client:

"I want to focus on the "J."/jaydot portion of the name for the logo design. I am imagining something simple/minimalist/forward/classic. I would like it be simple and to the point because one core idea of my designs is to be functional/practical but not boring. Also, I would like to emboss the logo on my future leather work so I would like a logo that will scale well/adapt well in various applications/media."

2. Black and white roughs
My creative philosophy dictates that simple is better. The more detailed a logo becomes, the less versatile it is. A simple yet visually impactful logo is almost always the best solution.

Although many logo concepts were explored, the following pages contain the three that I deemed most worthy of consideration. For this phase of the process, color was withheld to focus on shape and design. Once we have secured a direction, color and other minor design elements will be explored in the next phase.

Joleen also wanted to explore how the company name would be represented which is why it is written in different ways.

Important: The client is not limited to these three options. If the client wishes to see more options I am always happy to work from their notes.

2. Black and white version polished.
Once the client has picked a direction to head in, we polished up the rough a little more to get the version below.

Designer's Notes Sent to Client: I felt the Jay best represented the company, not only because of the name, but because the birds spend great care in building their nest similar to the great care it takes to create your unique hand crafted products. Since the J. can be seen in the logo image, I thought it best to spell it out in the title to make sure people know how to pronounce it.

3. Color Options
Now that the logo was secured, the next step was to add some color to the logo. Joleen wanted to see the colors maroon and blue to be utilized as well as a couple other options.

4. Finalization of Logo
jdot handcrafted has some more minor changes to the logo and the way their name was displayed.

You can visit them here


"I love the concept and thank you for taking the time and care to work on the logo and banner with me"

Joleen Locanas, jdot handcrafted

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's on their mind . . .

Here is some of what I have currently been working on these days. It's an Ad Campaign for "The Solution is You" Program for the County of Orange. The ads are directed to parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of Drugs and Alcohol.

Feel free to let me know what you think . . .

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