Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anti Smoking Ads - Unused Proposals

I work for ARC Total Market Communications and we do a lot of stuff for the Orange County Task Forces. When you are brainstorming for an ad campaign, anything goes. I thought it would be fun to share some of the unused proposals that we created for the County of Orange's Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign.

We tested these Ads with various target audiences (depending on the campaign) and received both positive and negative reactions. Regardless, they decided to go a different route. I will post those later. Anyways, here they are. Feel free to let me know what you think.

"Smoking Kills
 more people annually than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, 
murders and suicides combined"

This one is pretty much your standard smoking ad. It was really interesting how the older generations rolled their eyes at this statistic but younger adults and children we're surprised that this was true. They have never heard it before.

"Get them lungs clean"

I wonder why this one got rejected? This didn't even go to the research polls.

"Maximize Your Life"

This one is similar to the title piece "Liberate Yourself". It's was aimed toward an older audience who was looking to quit smoking in order to improve the quality of their lives. Simple design and a limited color palette were used to bring more focus on the tagline.

"Smoking is Glamorous"

"You Reek: Time to Quit"

This is one of the pieces that we submitted for the "minor gross out" ad campaign. Other pieces of the same campaign were "Smoking is Cool", "Smoking is Beautiful". I spared you the ads on this blog since they mostly composed of close up shots or wrinkly, hairy faces. I'm not saying hairy or wrinkly is ugly or anything, I'm just saying nothing looks good when you zoom in too close. 

These got some pretty harsh reactions by some offended teenagers. They were mad that we used words like "reeked" because they didn't "talk like that." I suspect they might have been offended because they didn't want to look like that either.

Please note: These Ads were polished mock-ups used for testing. The final ad went in a different direction and included the company logo and information. I might post those in the future when I get some shots of those in use. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed.


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Jonathan Dow said...

They look great. My friend said that he and his wife stopped to save money. Besides the cost of smoking, they had a hard time getting life insurance.